Our Story

Creative Freedom


About Charlotte

The creator behind Champagne Coffee

I studied the arts at school and then pursued my creative passion at art college, where I was drawn to explore digital art and graphic design. After graduating, I worked in fashion and marketing, and started blogging. Moving away from my hometown of Bristol, I became the managing director of a start-up business in Herefordshire, where I found my marketing flair and business acumen.

In 2018 I made the best decision of my life…

I decided it was time to leave my windowless office job and take the reigns on my creativity. I wanted to work with other creatives and be inspired by intrigue and beauty. So, I quit my job and never looked back. This was to be the start of a new era, and Champagne Coffee was born!

2019 saw my business go from strength to strength…

And here I am now :)


I take a lot of pictures (I mean A LOT!)